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Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with the planning, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures, or public works, as they are related to earth, water, or civilization and their processes. We emphasize every civil engineer to be responsible for planning and designing a project, constructing the project to the required scale, and maintenance of the project. Here we not only provide high standard of engineering knowledge but also imbibe supervisory and administrative skills.

Features :

Includes the planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of structures and altering geography to suit human needs.

Focuses on the construction of bridges, roads, etc. that are used in the built environment.


  • To develop highly competent professionals.
  • To develop responsible citizenship through awareness & acceptance of ethical values.
  • To impart knowledge with emphasis on the development of leadership qualities in students.
  • To establish centres of excellence in emerging areas of research.
  • To encourage students to pursue higher education & take competitive exams & various career enhancing courses.
  • To have regular interaction with industry & offer solution to their problems.


To be best at  serving society by creating engineering knowledge & educating diploma engineers for dynamic & global careers.

HOD Message

Hemanthakumar .B.M

It gives me a pleasure & pride to discuss in detail about remarkable education world in the department of civil engineering. The course includes the study of planning , designing & implementation of structural activities. Civil engineers build the world literally speaking. They are responsible for analysis design ,construction upgrading & maintenance of all forms of infrastructure for better quality of life & sustainable economy. I’m glad to tell few words that you can’t go back & change the beginning , but u can start where you are & change the ending, if you are searching for a missed steps of success.

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