College Facilities
Library Facilities :
The term "Library" has itself acquired a secondary meaning - "A collection of useful material for common use". Library is the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources. Library is a place, which updates the knowledge & urges us to take innumerable paths. The institution has a well equipped library containing more than 6500 technical books including 2500 reference books. There is a seperate section for SC/ST category which cater to the needs of SC/ST students. There is a seperate reference section for students having Reference books, Technical journals, Magazines & Newspapers.
Laboratory Facilities :
The institution has well equipped with modernized laboratories, such as Science laboratory, Electronics laboratory, Computer laboratory, Automobile engineering laboratory, Electrical engineering laboratory, Mechanical engineering laboratory and other Labs related to Civil Engg.etc. The final year/6th sem. Students of Automobile Engineering are being given driving practice. Necessary steps are also taken to provide four wheeler driving license to the interested candidates.
Sports Activities :
Inspite of academic interests, the students are also encouraged to exhibit their talents in sports activities, such as indoor and Out door games. The winners are rewarded suitably. Necessary encouragement will also be given to such students, qualifying to take part in the Inter-Polytechnic Sports Meet. Mean while required facilities are also provided.
Cultural Activities :
Apart from Academic and sports activities, students may also take part in the cultural activities, prominence will also be given to the students to compete, both at the institution level and inter Polytechnic level.
N.C.C & N.S.S :
To instill the spirit of National Integration, Mutual Co-operation and to spread the message of Unity in Diversity, students can join NCC and NSS, at nearest CPC Govt. Polytechnic.
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