Diploma In Electronics & Communication Engineering
The progarmme :
Electronics and communication Engineering is ever changing challenging branch of Engineering stream. Electronics and communication technology continuously shape up the idea of our global village. This simulate interest in exciting field of E&C. It also help students to keep abreast of latest technological developments and techniques.
Features :
The Electronics and communication technology continuously shape up very idea of global village.
Students learn about traditional concept and also garner knowledge about present and future technology.
The Electronics and communication stream has very good potential in employment opportunities in various fields like production communication, computers, defense, medical, servicing etc...
The technical diploma programmes follow wide variety of skills and project work within various Engineering streams in addition thorough knowledge is imported in basic computing skills, Engineering math's, Engineering science, major part of studies will be hands on training in very good labs equipped to good standards. Theoretically studies are included to argument practical work.
Career scope :
Electronics is root branch in Engineering, which has hardware and software Electronics and communication branch correlate with other Engineering stream. This provide wide spectrum of job opportunities in different area like
Telecom Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Computer science Engineering
Information science Engineering
Mechatronics and many more...
The diploma qualification provide strong base for students who opt for higher studies or employment where skills, knowledge and understanding of planning, design, construction and manufacturing are very much needed. The programme will develop students understanding for wide spectrum of careers in industry as members of flexible, competitive, multi skilled work group.
The industries are forcibly looking at diploma students to fill up lot of vacancies in middle level between unskilled work group and high end Engineering work group
Semester 1   Semester 2
1 Applied Science 1 English Communication
2 Applied Mathematics-I 2 Applied Mathematics-II
3 Basic Electrical Engineering & Electronic Components 3 Semiconductor Devices
4 Basic Computer Skills (Lab) 4 Digital Electronics
5 Basic Electrical Engineering & Electronic Components lab 5 Semiconductor Devices Lab
6 Applied Science Lab. 6 Digital Electronics Lab
7 Electrical Wiring Lab 7 C Programming Lab
Semester 3   Semester 4
1 Engg. Analog Electronics 1 Microcontrollers & Applications
2 Digital Electronics-II 2 Digital Communication
3 Analog Communication 3 Electronic Instrumentation & Measurements
4 Analog Electronics lab 4 Microcontrollers & Applications Lab
5 Digital Electronics Lab-II 5 Communication Lab
6 PCB-Simulation Lab 6 PC Hardware lab
7 Soft Skills    
Semester 5   Semester 6
1 Power Electronics & PLC 1 Organisational Behaviour & Environmental Engineering
2 Advanced Communication 2 Data Communication & Networks
3 Road, Medical Electronics 3 Advanced Microprocessors
4 Video Engg Lab 4 Data Communication & Networks Lab
5 Power Electronics and PLC Lab 5 Advanced Microprocessors Lab
6 VLSI Design Lab 6 Project work
7 Information Search, Analysis and Presentation (ISAP) Lab    
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