Diploma In Computer Science Engineering
The Programme :
The department of Computer Science & engineering was started in the year 1983. It has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade in terms of infrastructure, course and faculty. The department has one HOD ( Selection Grade Lecture ), Five lecturers, A System Analyst, An Operator and Four supporting staffs. The department has received the central government grant under the MODROBS scheme twice , which has been utilized for enhancing the facilities of the department and also for the faculty development programs. The Computer Science department has spacious computer hall with 40 high-end computer systems, Multimedia projectors and modern printing, scanning and image transformation facilities. The department has a internet connectivity of 2Mbps caters to all the systems.
Features :
Has experienced staff structure. The entire teaching faculty are highly qualified possessing the Masters in the respective Engineering discipline.
Association with the reputed Engineering colleges to improve the standard.
The lab facilities are tuned to DTE standards and to meet the AICTE norms completely.
Improving the overall performance of the systems which leads to effective utilization of practical hours.
Assignments of projects for the students are as per industry demand.
Possible adaptation of new technology for improving the standard of teaching using Multimedia based application as teaching aid.
The department is equipped with modern systems and softwares adhere to the latest curriculum abreast to the latest technology.
The students are exposed to work on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Database, GUI, Multimedia, Java & Web applications etc.,
The students are trained in Hardware and Networking concepts.
Career scope :
There are many job opportunities for Computer Science Diploma holders in various fields that pay lucrative salaries. The Computer Science & Engineering branch helps job seekers to get placed in good companies. With the demand for professional with specialized skills. The Computer Science & Engineering program in a number of subjects such as Engineering, Management, Computer technology and more, can get the jobs suited to their specialized skills.
The industries that offer fresher's jobs for The Computer Science & Engineering diploma holders can range from IT sector, Manufacturing, BPO and Service sectors. In the corporate sector there are many jobs for The Computer Science & Engineering diploma holders. In equity firms, banks, consultancies as well as various financial sectors.
Semester 1   Semester 2
Sl. No.
Sub Code
Subject Name
Sl. No.
Sub Code
Subject Name
1 9SC01M Applied Mathematics - I 1 9CS02M Applied Mathematics-II
2 9SC03S Applied Science 2 9CP01E English Communication
3 9CS13 Concepts of Electrical & Electronics Engineering 3 9EC02E Digital Electronics (CS & IS)
4 9CS14 Introduction to Computer Concepts 4 9CS01C C Programming
5 9SC10P Applied Science Lab 5 9EC26P Digital Lab (CS & IS)
6 9EC16P Basic Electronics Lab 6 9CS26P C Programming Lab
7 9CS17P Basic Computer Skills Lab 7 9CS27P Multimedia Lab
Semester 3   Semester 4
Sl. No.
Sub Code
Subject Name
Sl. No.
Sub Code
Subject Name
1 9CS31 Computer Organisation 1 9CS41 OOP With C++
2 9CS32 Data Structure using C 2 9CS42 Data Base Management System
3 9CS33 Computer Networks 3 9CS43 Operating System
4 9CS34P Data Structures Lab 4 9CS44 Software Engineering
5 9CS35P PC H/W & Networking Lab 5 9CS45P OOP with C++ Lab
6 9CS36P Graphical User Interface Lab 6 9CS46P DBMS LAB
7 9CS37P Web Design Lab 7 9CS47P Linux Lab
Semester 5   Semester 6
Sl. No.
Sub Code
Subject Name
Sl. No.
Sub Code
Subject Name
1 9CS51 Basic Management Skill and Indian Constitution 1 9CS61 Software Testing
2 9CS52 Programming with Java 2 9CS62 Network Security and Management
3 9CS53 Web Programming 3 9CS63B Mobile Computing
4 9CS54P Programming with Java Lab 4 9CS64P Software Testing Lab
5 9CS55P Web Programming Lab 5 9CS65P Network Security Lab
6 9CS56P CASP Lab 6 9CS66P Project Work - II
7 9CS57P Project Work - I      
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